Our system

How it works

The Owners Class has helped thousands of individuals launch successful real estate careers. Our unique approach combines independent study, group discussion, mentorship, and much more.  


TOC will provide you with the skills and confidence necessary to invest in the real estate market, and teach you practical techniques to ensure that future opportunities come to you.

Personal Mentorship

During your studies you will join a group of students led by a leading mentor. Each mentor is a graduate of the program and experienced in closing deals. He/She will be available to you throughout the program accompanying you as you make your first deals and beyond.


As a member of TOC, you will become a part of the Project X community. A community of more than 2,000+ real estate entrepreneurs and graduates of the program. Community members work in cooperation, sharing information and tips with one another.

Investor Summit

You will be invited to the exclusive Project X Alumni event. Complete with networking, seminars, and countless opportunities.

Project-Based Learning

You will gain tools and skills through practical experience based on real-life examples and deals that you work on during your course of study, from finding a deal to understanding and signing a contract.

Weekly Classes

Your small-group class will meet virtually on a weekly basis for an in-depth educational session. You will learn the ins and outs of investing and negotiating techniques working in today’s market.