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Discover how thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide are achieving true economic freedom with The Owners Class

What is The Owners Class?

The Owners Class, inspired by Project X, is the leading start-up program for mentoring and training entrepreneurs. Founded in 2005 by multi-millionaire Robert Shemin, The Owners Class is for those seeking to gain financial freedom by launching a successful real estate career.
The Owners Class will teach entrepreneurial thinking, innovative ideas, and business development to students. Through a unique learning method that combines project-based learning and mentorship, participants will earn practical skills for dealing with global and domestic real estate markets.

How Does it Work?

The Owners Class is a learning model that integrates small group learning with personal mentoring. Students will be assigned to small-group classes meeting virtually on a weekly basis for an in-depth educational session learning the ins-and-outs of investing and negotiating techniques working in today’s market. Mentors will be assigned to each group, helping each student as they navigate the learning curve of the real estate market. In addition to the mentoring sessions, participants will attend in-person quarterly “master classes” led by international entrepreneurs.

Through 20% small group learning and 80% project-based learning activities, participants will gain practical experience in the field. Participants will gain the skills necessary to manage a team, create a network of collaborators in a business environment, and find and analyze business opportunities. Upon completing the training, the participant will have the skills and tools necessary to run an independent business and be prepared for challenges and dilemmas in the business world.

What Makes Us Unique?

With an 80/20 ratio of classroom instruction to fieldwork, The Owners Class participants have a competitive edge when setting up their own business. Participants are given individualized attention in addition to being part of a be part of a small student group led by a leading mentor. Mentors are entrepreneurs with extensive experience in closing real estate deals. They will guide their students personally within the group forming a cohesive team outside the classroom where students can share ideas, collaborate, and help one another succeed.
The program’s strength lies in its community of real estate entrepreneurs. Community members collaborate, share information, and support one another. When it comes to business challenges or concerns, you are never alone as a member of The Owners Class community.