The Owners Class is a revolutionary education and mentorship program designed to help frum people with little or no prior experience launch a successful career in the real estate market. Based on the teachings of New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-selling multi-millionaire author Robert Shemin, one of the most sought-after real estate investment experts in the world, The Owners Class uses a unique training and one-on-one mentorship program called Project X to provide an extremely hands-on method for launching a lucrative career in real estate. Established by Mishpacha Magazine and Zevi Bennet, a real estate entrepreneur and Project X alumnus, TOC will help you reach your financial goals.


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TOC is a program geared towards people with little to no experience in real estate who are looking for an accelerated entry into the real estate market. We live in the information age — you can teach yourself anything you want to. What’s unique about Robert Shemin’s model is the guidance from mentors who are specifically equipped to walk you through the steps to success from beginning to end. They hone in on the information you need to succeed and work with you to apply everything you learn in a practical way to help you launch the career you’ve always wanted. If you have a passion for success and are motivated to succeed on your own terms, TOC is perfect for you.


You can schedule the lessons and classes at your own pace, but the average student devotes eight to ten hours per week and takes nine months to complete the curriculum and close at least one deal. Once you have the knowledge and experience, you can work as many hours as you’d like! This is a great program for those in yeshiva either part time or full time who are looking for ways to make passive income to sustain their learning for years to come, or for those with an existing job who are looking to launch their own careers in a market with no ceiling.


With a 20/80 ratio of classroom instruction to fieldwork, The Owners Class focuses on doing, so participants have a competitive edge when setting up their own business. In addition, the mentorship program ensures that each contract and business transaction is reviewed in depth by an expert, lowering your investment risk and eliminating your barriers to success.


While that’s always nice, it is not necessary to have your own liquid cash to invest in the deals that you find. One of the skills you will learn in TOC is how to raise equity for your deals.

If you aren’t satisfied after one month in the program, you have an option to opt out and receive your money back.

The Owners Class curriculum includes walking you through your first transaction, so within nine months or less you will have all the skills to have officially closed your first deal. The results speak for themselves: 50% of students close a deal during the active learning period, and 30% of additional students make a deal in the next six months, as a result of the incredible community and mentorship structure of the program.

The Owners Class combines the expert knowledge gleaned from Robert Shemin’s years of experience closing thousands of deals in diverse markets, coupled with the support and guidance of a mentor specifically suited to help you navigate a field that can otherwise be very tricky to infiltrate successfully. Beyond just giving you information, The Owners Class shows you how to implement what you learn, gives you someone to ask questions to and get advice from, and connects you to a network of like-minded real estate professionals from all over the world.

The weekly webinars are remote, and you have access to your mentor outside the set class times as well. There are also monthly, quarterly, and yearly events where you can expand your network and learn more skills to continue growing your real estate empire exponentially.

The mentors are successful individuals who have taken the Project X courses and used it to launch their own careers, closing at least 10 deals each. They have demonstrated outstanding ability to teach and mentor others, and undergo a training course from Project X, as well as weekly supervision with their own mentors and trainers. They do not make a commission on the deals they help you close.

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